Stock Bookblock

We offer a wide range of stock bookblocks in a variety of paper weights including standard pages and diaries.

We’ve aimed to make the process of ordering a book as easy as possible for you, and to this end we’ve designed a number of stock papers for you to choose from, available in the most popular paper types. If you’re looking for a simple plain, ruled, dot grid or squared book block, there’s no need to create your own design, you can pick from what we’ve made earlier.

Our lined books can come in two different widths, with 6mm narrow ruled being the norm, and the slightly wider 7 mm preferable for larger books, or when aimed at fountain pen users who naturally prefer more space for the pen. Our dot grid books come with spaces of 5 mm between each dot, making this paper perfect for designers working with the metric system. Similarly, our squared papers are spaced 5mm, perfect for mathematicians and others.

All of our stock books are available in A5 (21×14.8cm) sizing as standard, with 192 pages in our 90gsm papers. We add new styles and sizes all the time, so it’s best to ask what we have in stock and any one moment. If we don’t have your size/style combination ready to go, ask us and we will look to expedite printing, and may add the style to our book block stock.