Digital Printed Cover

A perfect colour match can be achieved on stock paper when choosing a digitally printed cover. Using Indigo printing, the paper is then laminated to provide strength and to lock in the colours.

If you’re looking to include a range of colours, a specific Pantone for your brand, sweeping gradients or full colour photography, a printed cover is by far your best option. This allows you to break away from just your company logo, letting your graphic designers run free with the design. In this way, you can combine illustration and text, imagery to their best advantage with an exceptionally cost effective product. Depending on your desired finish, we have numerous different printing techniques to suit.

For a hardcover notebook we would recommend printing on a crisp white paper stock, before laminating it with a soft touch finish which both protects the book, gives it a smooth feel, and brings out the colours. If you wanted a matt card cahier, we wouldn’t recommend any finish, allowing the inks to seam into the card giving a good depth to the print. If you’re looking to print onto a PU faux leather, we can digitally print full colour imagery directly onto the PU giving a soft feel without the need for laminate or card.