UV Printing

Using the latest UV printers we can print CMYK+W on any material giving you full colour on even the most complex designs. We can print full bleed onto most covers, including our leather notebooks.

If you’re looking for a sweeping, seamless gradient or an extremely intricate colour design on your journals, UV Digital Printing (Full Colour Logo) is the best option for a substrate that cannot be run through the an offset or digitally printed process. It is perfect for colourful logos and great for bringing your brand to life. UV inks allow for an effect similar to that of screen printing, however UV printers work very much like an inkjet printer, allowing you that you can integrate colours easily. Screen printing, on the other hand, is best suited to blocks of colour.

UV printing is especially suited to off-the-shelf items that have already been manufactured. A special UV eco-solvent ink is printed onto the face of the notebook in a large format flatbed printer. Much like your desktop printer at home, we can blend all the different colours used in the CMYK spectrum. The ink is then dried under UV light, meaning that there is no drying time. We prefer to use this method on our leather journals, as it allows for more detail compared to screen printing, and is more cost effective over shorter runs.

The effect of UV printing tends to be a matt one, as most of the inks available in the market are matt as standard. If you were looking for a glossy effect it is likely that screenprinting is a better option for you, especially as there are many more inks available for screenprinting, and different inks can be swapped in and out, as opposed to the UV printer which is a permanent set-up.